21.3. Networking meeting for international film-makers

Stammtisch der Filmschaffenden 2023

Der Kreis der Filmschaffenden in Münster und Umgebung ist in den letzten Jahren zunehmend gewachsen. Wer Fragen hat, die sich nicht in Foren beantworten lassen, Mitstreiter*innen für Projekte sucht oder einfach bloß wissen will, wer in der Region sich sonst noch so in der Filmwelt tummelt und sich vernetzen möchte, der ist herzlich beim Stammtisch der Filmschaffenden im neben*an willkommen.

Termine in 2023:

  • Di, 21.03.2023, ab 18.00 Uhr, neben*an


We invite international filmmakers to the filmmakers´ regulars. We want to reach and bring international filmmakers in Münster into dialog and networking. On the meeting three film projects will be presented and the production teams will share their experiences. Afterwards, there will be time to exchange ideas with each other.

The event will be held in English. Participation is free of charge.

This time the filmmakers regulars cooperates with the Netzwerk Filmkultur NRW and is a part of the program „Still Home – Ukrainische Filme aus besetzten Gebieten“. Afterwards (8:30 pm) the film PUSHING BOUNDARIES will be screened with the present filmmaker Lesia Kordonets. The dialog will be moderated by the filmmaker (winner of Berlinale Kompagnon Fellowship) and curator Anna Melikova.

The film discussion will be held in German language. English and Ukrainian translations might be also possible.


  • 6 – 8 pm international filmmakers regular (next door near the entrance);
  • From 8.30 pm film screening „Pushing Boundaries“ with disussion.

All Ukrainians will be granted a discount of 5,00 EUR.

About the film:

During the games that unite nations, a new border is drawn. Territories and people are separated. For some you become a traitor, for others – a hero. Some become „defenders“, the others – invalids. The film shows Ukrainian Paralympic athletes who grow beyond their physical limits, while around them the political borders are pushed back and forth.

About the filmmaker:

Lesia Kordonets
Editor, Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Location Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Compositor
Born in 1983 and raised in a border region of Ukraine, which was once the western outpost of the Soviet Union and is now the eastern external border of the EU. Ukrainian citizen. Influenced by the political turmoil in her homeland, she pursued Theodor Heuss College education – (promoting democratic responsibility and public engagement in Eastern Europe). In 2008 she moved to Switzerland. In both countries she produced short films, which have won awards worldwide. 2020 Graduated Bachelor & Master in Film at ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts), majoring in editing and directing. Her thesis – her first long documentary film „PUSHING BOUNDARIES“ celebrated its world premiere at the 52nd Vision Du Reel and won the ZONTA Award.

(photo: swissfilms.ch)

2021 Pushing Boundaries by Lesia Kordonets
2013 Balazher. Korrekturen der Wirklichkeit by Lesia Kordonets
2011 Die Namenlosen by Lesia Kordonets

Still home: Ukrainian films from the occupied territories

With financial support, Netzwerk Filmkultur NRW has put together the Ukrainian film series „Still Home: Ukrainian Films from occupied Territories“. This film series will be shown from December 2022 until the end of 2023 at various screening locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. The filmclub münster will show two films from this series – „PUSHING BOUNDARIES“ and „BUTTERFLY VISION“.

The curators Anna Melikova and Victoria Leshchenko have selected works by filmmakers, whose films bear witness to the changes that have taken place in their country in recent years. The curation focuses on films from the Russian-occupied territories to emphasize that people with their cultural identity are still Ukrainians, despite everything.

To the Netzwerk Filmkultur NRW

To the project Still Home: Ukrainische Filme aus den besetzten Gebieten

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Di, 04.07.2023, 19-21 Uhr, neben*an
Di, 19.09.2023, 19-21 Uhr, neben*an
Di, 05.12.2023, 19-21 Uhr, neben*an

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